From the legend,I know the absolute power and status of a divine.If a human wants to treat the god,it always doesn't work and the god will punish you.Not only from the Medusa story but also the Minotaur story,we see the cruel punishments from the god for the behavior of insult and disobedient. The miserable life of the monsters,the struggling in their hearts between kindness and evil,the unfair life and the eager to get rescue, can be the salvation and the expiation for the sins they made to the god.Under the idea of the Christianity,suffering is the only way for the sinners to get real freedom and liberation,just like that god sent his son Jesus to sacrifice as a perfect one for the human beings.No one makes no mistakes and what we are going to do is be kind and virtuous.
         At the beginning of the story,Sauron built the magic ring in order to strengthen his power and make his ambitious of controlling all the  other races come true.No matter in ancient China or the western countries in Medieval Ages,the desire for the rulers to live a long life,to get the absolute power and to rule all the creatures never stop,which caused numerous tragedies and suffer of the ordinary people. But we all know that the evil side can never defeat the right side but human's arrogance ,the irrational,self-centered characters could always be the weak point that lead to disasters and troubles.In my opinion one of the reason for Frodo to win the battle is the help from friends,the co-operation with his friends,hero needs a friend who stays outside the situation and can give the most reasonable suggestion.Everyone who is eager about something can not resist the tempt from the ring but the person like Frodo who even did not have the wishes to be the hero may finish the tough mission.But at the last of the story,Frodo still were tempted by the ring and doubted his best friend. But it is his friend who saved him at the emergency situation.In lots of the heroic films,many unimportant people or we say the helpers of the heroes exist in the shadow of the heroes. They may sacrifice themselves for the surviving of the hero but audience just give them some tears and still worship the huge success made by heroes.I think every success need the hard work of many people and they should all be thanked and remembered.

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