Armed men in Syria have set fire to buses that were about to evacuate people from an area of government control that's besieged by rebels. The planned evacuation was part of a wider process that was to include the simultaneous movement of thousands of people desperate to leave the rebel-held part of eastern Aleppo.
Russia has said it will veto a draft resolution due to be considered by the UN Security Council demanding unimpeded UN access to the rebel enclave in eastern Aleppo. Russia is circulating separate proposals of its own, calling for the monitoring of conditions for civilians in Aleppo. In the last few minutes, it's been announced that a vote will be held on Monday.
The leader of the Russian Republic of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, says security forces have shot dead at least 7 suspected militants near the capital Grozny. He said the clashes took place following an attack on police officers the previous night.

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