In the Greek mythology, Hercules was envied by Zeus’s wife, Hera. As a consequence, he was given 12 impossible missions, which were considered could surely sentence him to death. However, he managed to complete these missions and changed from a mortal to a divine.
He was hailed as “Gift of Hera” . This gift, from my perspective is not a tangible gift like our Christmas gift, nor an ordinary one. The gift is himself, a more mature himself, a stronger himself. His story reminds me of a lyric What doesn’t kill you make you stronger. Through difficulties and dilemmas we can become stronger,and only when you are stronger can you be looked up by others from the bottom of their hearts.
As girls, we are told repeatedly that we don’t have to be that strong. However, for girls, it is a must to be strong inside to live in this society. Even without physical strength, inner strength must be obtained. Like Hercules rose his status after completed the impossible missions, everyone need to suffer to be fruitful. For girls and women, a sentence is enough--A woman is like a tea bag, only in hot water can we know how strong she is.