It is a myth about an evil ring of power and an unlikely hero on a mission to destroy it. Unlike other stories, it doesn't deliberately highlight the heroism. Whether they are great men or the ordinary people, they all have more or less shortcomings, such as the temptation.
      In this story, the key point is a ring that can make someone invisible. It is a concept that plays a key role. The ring does more than make its wearers invisible, it also corrupts them. If you wear it and claim it you can not use it for any good cause, it is going to twist everything you do for evil. Although this ring is magic, it still comes from your greed. But everyone has a different degree of temptation. For example, Frodo is a flawed hero, because he was drawn in by the evil of this ring, and then the temptation becomes worse and worse, finally his desire for treasure sets off a chain reaction of horrific consequences. But we can't say he is a bad man, because he also has many good qualities, therefore he is an ordinary person. Unlike the dragon in this story, it represents human greed, although it really amplified, it still reveals the bad phenomenon in society. So it has a series of intriguing connections to reality. In realty, most people have temptation,it is just not obvious. But in the story, these shortcomings are magnified by writer, it also can alert us to the danger of greed. It is a harsh lesson in the danger of greed.

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