Personallly, I think Greek myths of Odysseus' s journey to home is quite similar to the Chinese novel of Journey to the west and I see Odysseus can be characterized as intelligent and tactful as Sun Wukong. From the video, we know that he usually found solutions easily for many tough problems. Additionally, as he is a mortal, he has the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures and used to be fond of women like Zhu Wuneng. Odysseus lived together with Circe in her palace for one year until it was time for him to leave. Odysseus is also courageous  and patient like Sha Wujing. He is never indulged himself and give way to the lengthy journey. All he need is to persist in his way to home. In this respect, he has a strong will as firmly as Tang Sanzang. Although there are quite a few difficulties, he overcomes obstacles and restraints bravely. Odyssus' journey to home teaches me that in human life we are likely to temper ourselves when achieving ideals.

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