Hercules is a herocial character from Greek mythology. Hercules is the son of Jose and alcmene.

The first of all gods Zeus has a son with a beautiful goddess. It caused another wife of Zeus, the mother of God called Hera's jealousy and revenge.

Hercules grew up hard in Hera's jealousy and revenge. When he was young, Hera put the poisonous boas in his house to kill him. But when his mother come to save him, he had kill the boas, which not only make his mother surprised, but also Hera. And I think his talent and superhuman strength are also the points why Hera wanted to kill him.

But he still got tall, noble and dignified, strong and become famous as a hero, and won the name "Titan".

He is extremely brave,who completed twelve heroic deeds, was promoted to a constellation called hercules. Finally, he chose to die to liberate his soul. After his death, according to Jose's will, he became the God of Olympus. He reconciled with Hera, and the goddess of youth Hebe was his wife.

He grew up in a cursed world, and that was his fate, even if it was unfair. I pity him but I admire him more. Because he never gave in and he sticked on completing the challenges,one by one. And he had four good characters which are admired by people.

First, he is very brave. Whenever he faced the snake in his young age or completed the dangerous occasions later, he was always brave and made his best to defeat any difficulties.Finally, of course, he succeed.

Second, he persevered all the time. When he felt frightening and hart to win or got lonely, he didnít give up, but to try his best.

Third, he never bends to the unfair faith. Though his opponent is Hera, the most powerful goddess in that time, he never accept the arranged and cursed destiny. He fight for himself and tried his best to solve himself from the arranged faith. Finally he succeed.

The  last but not the least, he dared to find the real freedom. He was not afraid of death if it can get freedom in turn. So he chose to be burnt without hesitation to get rid of Heraís curse.

Thatís all.