Hercules shows the typical image of the Greek hero. In the Greece mythology, the heroes usually are powerful and intelligent male adults. However, they are not gods. The Greeks think Man is the measure of everything. So the character setting of the heroes is demigod, the descendant of god and human. They have the ability compare favourably with gods and the motion as a human. They can be arrogant, irritable or brave, friendly. They would get hurt as well as suffering the pain. They would even die. In my opinion, the reason why the image of heroes like Hercules is that the ancient Greeks thought that the people is in a position higher than the nature and the society. They think the human can conquer the nature and society with their wisdom. It can be said that the ancient Greeks imagine their hero from the human's feelings, needs and desires.The heroes embody the human's character more than God. They are the Phantasm of human. Its not gods who create the heroes but the human themselves.


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