Reading relection on Homer's Odyssey   
        Odyssey is based on a marine adventure and family life. It reflects the braveness of Odysseus and his wifeís uncompromising honesty. The myth highlights the loyalty, braveness and wisdom. After watching the video about Odyssey ,I feel inspired from it.
        Firstly ,as the saying goes, where there is a will ,there is a way. When we want to get something ,we need to be fearless of danger and difficulty just like Odysseus. When we are in danger or we couldnít find the sally port of something, we should keep calm and move forward instead of bowing to difficulties .Something we want will not be obtained easily, thatís why we need to work hard enough.
        Secondly, when we are dealing with a love affair, we should be loyal to it . We must be loyalty to our spouse. The loss will outweight the gain if we are in indecision and couldnít resist the tempt outside .
        Thirdly ,family is always important for the people all over the world. The hero Odysseus can subject to many difficulties with the aim of returning home. Osysseus's wife treats the crazy pursuers chilily and waits for her husband for many years without knowing his life or death.As for us college students , itís our parents who always stand behind us and help us no matter what will happen .We should love and care our parents who spend too much on us.

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