Wang Sicong doesn’t want to take over Wanda Group

Wang Jianlin, founder and chairman of Dalian Wanda Group, said his only son, 28-year-old Wang Sicong, doesn't want to take over his shopping centres, hotels, theme parks and sports clubs.
'I have asked my son about the succession plan, and he said he does not want to live a life like mine,' Wang, 62, told an entrepreneurs summit over the weekend.
In May last year, the son bought two Apple Watches for his dog, called Wang Keke, who wears them both on his front legs. Pictures of the dog wearing the smart watches were posted to Weibo, China's answer to Twitter.
In a country with a fast widening wealth gap, the pictures quickly caused outcry. Apple Watch sells between 820 pounds and 1,300 pounds in China, which is more than the monthly salary of an average office worker in big cities.
Wang Sicong is a director at his father's empire, with a 2 per cent stake, South China Morning Post reported. He founded Prometheus Capital in 2011 and has made investments in Invictus Gaming, Dining Concepts Holdings.
China has lots of second rich generation who like flaunt their life is luxurious .Although Wang Sicong has ability to earn money, I still think that is a good idea if he uses his money to help someone in need.