Heracles, a divine hero in Greek mythology, is the son of Zeus. Heracles is the hatred by the goddess Hera, wife of Zeus. When Heracles was a baby, Hera sent two giant snakes into the childís chamber in order to kill the baby. However Heracles grabbed a snake in each hand and strangled them. He was found by his nurse playing with them on his cot as if they were toys. Hera used many ways to kill the baby, but Heracles survived.
  To redeem for his fatherís sin, he took risk to accomplish twelve tasks which are impossible to be completed by others. He fight against the fiercest monsters, cut the head of the ferocious lion. No matter how hard the task was, Heracles would fight against the monsters and enemies bravely.

His life is so hard but he still struggled to accomplish his tasks. I admire his braveness. I think the monsters and enemies appear in his life is just like the obstacle or small difficulties we met. He must redeem for his sin, and we must pursuit a happy life. He is the most courageous man in the world. We need to learn from him. Comparing my life to his, I have no reason to give up. For him, no matter how hard the task was, he never gave up. So I get to know the significance of perseverance. Be courageous to life, and hold on, then I might find a better me.