Hercules is one of the greatest heroes in Greece.
But his fate is unfortunate. Because his enemy was Hera, the Zeus’ wife.
In many people’s eyes, it was the Hera who destroyed Hercules’ life. On the contrary, in my eyes, Hera is the one who pushed him to become a hero. I think someone who can be a hero must undergo many ordeals, overcome many difficulties and never retreat, never surrender, no matter how difficult it is.
Hercules passed through the trial of the twelve labors. He changed from a mortal to a divine and finally became a hero.
Everyone will experience difficulties and hardships in our life. We’ll meet some tough challenges that we think we may not be able to accomplish it. But at that time, we should remember how Hercules overcame the twelve labors, though we don’t have to defeat the beasts or even have his great power, we can have his courage, his fearlessness. We should never give up half way so that we can overcome difficulties and achieve our final victory.


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