Odysseusí story is based on reality, given the mythology features when Homer created it. The story reflects the Greek ideology and some social phenomenon. This is a very typical hero story, the Greeks all embrace it because itís about a person faced with a lot of frustrations and obstacles and finally he overcome them and achieve the goal successfully. But why the citizens need this kind of mythology ? Because of  the particular time that the Greeks were expanding their land and they need this kind of hero to build the idolism , to create peopleís adoration to this kind of person, and encourage them to go out and explore. Also ,being a hero is not easy, people always be afraid of those unknown things, so when they heard the strange voice, saw some horrible animals, they would describe them as monsters just like Sirens , but in all stories, the meaning of their existence is to be defeated, their failures and death would make the heroes more brilliant.
And another thing about Odysseus, is the description and celebration about him. I understand , a hero is not born ,he is made. It depends on peopleís attitude of his deeds and the social system at that time. Odysseus is not a perfect man, he is selfless ,he would sacrifice his soldier when the across the sea , he has extra-marital affairs and delay the journey because of this, even put his wife into a tight spot, he ordered others to cover the ears but himself  broke the roles and listened Sirenís song. But he is still regarded as the ideal man, itís all because the background of the society, the hero was made by the people. This is definitely the peak of the development of malelism. All the facts would changed into another side. He put others to death, it means he is a considerate leader. He slept with the goddess, it means he is so strong that can conquer any kind of woman. He broke the rules , but became the first one to survive after listening Sirenís songs, the unruly guy changed into a innovative hero. Just like the monsters people create, the heroes also have their duty to exist, to be the example ,so all the things in the mythology is from people, they use their wisdom to build them and feed back into people, and become crutch of them.