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IS terrorists in Europe ready to launch attacks, warns Europol
Dozens of Islamic State fanatics are believed to be living in Europe ready to carry out terror attacks, Europe ready to carry out terror attacks , Europol has warned. The European police force said Britain is among the countries “high on the target list” for extremists. The agency’s stark assessment suggests militants are likely to strike again in the near future, after atrocities in Belgium and France . All EU member states participating in the coalition against IS , including Britain, are regarded by the group as “legitimate targets”.
What is Europol

]The European Police Office (commonly abbreviated Europol ) is the law enforcement agency of European Union (EU) that handles criminal intelligence and combating serious international organised crime by means of cooperation between the relevant authorities of the member states , including those tasked with customs, immigration services , border and financial police etc.
A report published on Friday said :” Estimates from some intelligence services indicate several dozen people directed by IS may be currently present in Europe with a capability to commit terrorist attacks , and that there are indications that IS has been preparing terrorist attacks in Europe since 2013.” The report suggested if the Islamic State(IS) group is weakened , it may see a surge in foreign fighters returning to Syria. It is now feared the terror group has set up teams in Syria which are sent to the EU tasked with carrying out attacks. It is believed 850 people linked to the UK are considered a security threat after taking part in the Syrian conflict and just under half of those have returned ,authorities believe.
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Isis is likely to carry out new terror attacks across Europe in the “near future” as jihadis consider car bombings, chemical weapons and other methods to maximise casualties, security services have warned.
A new report by Europol, the EU-wide law enforcement agency, found that the terrorist group was changing its modus operandi as militants are driven out of key strongholds in Syria and Iraq.
Britain is among the top targets for atrocities, with at least 12 attempted attacks foiled in the past three years, and the threat level could now be increasing with the return of defeated foreign fighters with weapons training and links to Isis commanders.Gilles de Kerchove, the EU’s counter-terror coordinator, said the danger will last for years as battles against Isis continue in the Middle East and North Africa.
“These people are trained to use explosives and firearms and they have been indoctrinated by the jihadist ideology,” he added.
An effective response requires a comprehensive approach and long term commitment.
Intelligence services estimate that several dozen jihadis under Isis’ direction are already present in Europe with the capability to commit terrorist attacks, but Europol warns of the additional risk of “lone wolf” terrorists who have no direct contact with the group.
While the deadliest attacks so far, in Paris on 13 November 2015, were directed by Isis and carried out by militants deployed from its Syrian territories, the Nice attack and a succession of terrorist murders in France, Belgium and Germany were committed by extremists with no external aid or training.
Europol’s report, by the European Counter Terrorism Centre, said the vast majority of attackers in Europe have been young men with a criminal past, who feel discriminated, humiliated and marginalised in society, and may have mental health issues.
Not all are strict Muslims and may have recently converted to the religion, or solely to Isis ideology, either on their own or through terrorist recruiters.
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