Odysseus is a typical image of a hero which shows the spirit of heroism and reflect "human nature" itself. He has a strong physique and a wise mind so that he still does not forget his own ideal when facing difficulties.
          Firstly ,he has extraordinary courage. On the battlefield, he is always the first to fight. He is so brave and resourceful in battle that he commanded the Trojan to enter Troy and won the war.
          Secondly, he was able to restrain their desires. When Odysseus's fleet across the island of the sirens, he let his companions bind himself to the mast in order not to be attracted by the seductive sweetness of the song . He tried to suppress the desire, otherwise his ideal of returning home would crumbled into foam. Sometimes, even the gods canít restrain their desires, but Odysseus made it , his divinity was magnified.
          In short, as a mortal, he is resourceful and decisive like the gods. On the way home, he suffered numerous hardships. At the same time, he also experienced the temptation of richful life and sweet songs. During the long journey, he even didn't know whether his wife was married again, if his country was spoiled badly by the suitors, even so, he was determined to go home. The home had become an indelible belief in Odysseus's mind, it was his belief in the journey that he did not give up easily, although the end had already been written by Zeus, but his steadfast faith showed the brilliance of his humanity.