Odysseus is not like tales of other mythological heroes.As we know,he is not a god with special superpowers.Instead,his character is written as a regular man trying to get home from a ten-year war to his wife and son.Itís said from video:this is all of us.Indeed, I agree with this point.The story of Odysseus is just like our all experience in our whole life.Coming back home is Odysseusís final aim,which is just like our lifeís dreams.But the process is not often smoothly and painless.

In this journey home,we may meet hard situations such as stopping for supplies,so we have to try our best to fight with a man-eating cyclops to escape from death.It exactly reflects that many graduates have nothing at all after leaving school but have to work harder and harder for making a living and continue to pursue their dreams.And during this journey,we have to make some hard choices even some of them are horrific obstacles such as wandering rocks and sea-monster.And once we decide, we should go all out without hesitation.Besides,sometimes we have to pay the price for passing the obstacles exactly as Odysseus lost six soldiers for avoiding the sea-monster.Of course,many temptations also exist.Even if we indulge in them for a while,we canít forget what is we really want.Above all,itís popularly said:a weak teammate does you more harm than a strong enemy.We really need a wise and royal partner just as Odysseusís wife:Penelope.

In a word,Odysseus may be knocked down just as much as all the rest of us and even harder,but he can always get back up,he can always find a way.So,we truly learn from this story is to make a through,to persevere.