In recent years, although the bank gets assistance, the recent situation does not improve. The industry has a fear that it will initiate the crisis of the banking system of Europe even the whole world. The failure of public voting in Italy has a particularly adverse effect on the economic development, especially on a bank, which is heavily burdened with debt. According to the digital information, the banking of Italy needs recompense at least for 2200 million euros, which could make the material alterations of economy. The investors from the whole world are not very optimistic in the prospect of economic development situation. The banking of Italy is in the fourth position of the nineteen countries who use the euro. However, 17% of its loan is ineffective, which can be tantamount to ten times in America. Even if this ratio in American banking was close to 5% in the economic crisis between 2008 and 2009. In the banking of euro area, there is half of the bad debts can blame it on Italy. The data shows that there are nearly 1,000 bank agencies closed in the preceding nine months, which can be twice as the date in 2015.

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