I want to talk something about Thor, Norse god of thunder. He fights against monstrous giants bravely to protect his people. Compared to other gods, Thor is more steadfast and less deceptive. Zeus is also known as the God of thunder, he makes use of thunder power to keep order between heaven and earth. People are not familiar to his humanity, while Thor seems to have a contact with ordinary people. From Thorís story, there are three points impressing me.
       First, when Thor lost his hammer, he nearly lost his power to take on the evil giants, too. It occurs to me that if we want to be a real strong person, we need to possess the inherent ability, which would never be taken away. The strong should control things around him rather than totally rely on them.
       Second, although Thor is a god, he has weaknesses. Just like humans, he also struggled with his own limitations. Thor is used to using his physical strength instead of wisdom to handle problem so that he was tricked by the ogre king. So when a person is powerful enough, his biggest opponent is himself. The hardest thing is to conqure yourself. And this story also reminds us to solve problem with much wisdom and little brute strength.
       Finally, Thor keeps trying to beat the Midgard serpent, but when he managed to kill it, he died, too. Itís kind of like Negative-sum game, which will lead hurts to both sides. We should avoid stepping into this kind of game because itís not worth paying for. Weíd better find out another proper way to tackle the problem. It will be hard  to reach unless both sides of the game have the same ideas about this point.

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