Freud's theory's connection with The Lord of the Rings
Sigmund Freud, The Father of Psychoanalysis, divided the structure of personality into three levels——the id,the ego and the superego.This book, The lord of The Rings,fully exhibits the conflicts among the id,the ego and the superego.The conflicts promote the development of the plot,vividly showing us the complexity of human nature.  The character  called Gollum represents the id,which is the primitive,instinctual,animal-like part of the personality.It follows the pleasure principle and aims at obtaining pleasure and avoiding pain.Gollum is too indulgent in his lust ,thus finally he was reduced to a slave to the One Ring.Gandalf embodies  the superego,which follows the morality principle and meets the demands of morality and social convention.It is the harshly moralistic personality.Gandalf fights against the evil power for the peace of the Middle Earth with a dauntless spirit.Frodo symbolizes the ego,which is the executive of the personality and follows the reality principle.Frodo continuously tries to rebel against the evil power of the ring and stand several temptations but at last,he was subdued to the strong power of the One Ring.In a sense,the ego surpasses the superego,which conveys the author’s concern about whether people can retain the pure heart with virtue in such a material-oriented ,capitalist society.