Violating Rules Should Go To Die?
         The accident tigers hurt people has been a long time. The accident sounds awfully horrible and shocking. And all the people seem to scold and abuse the woman who ignored rule to go out of the car in dangerous area. We criticized the womanís self-willed action. We said the woman deserved it. Even someone violated on the woman and spread some false rumors. They attacked that the woman was a mistress; the woman had a outrageous temper and all kinds of vicious comments that claimed the woman definitely was a bad woman.

         So the person who violates rules should go to die? The person who violates rules should be attacked by the false rumors? All  people, we , all have ever violated rules. Maybe we have ever run the red light when there are few car. Maybe we have ever cut the line when buying breakfast because we would be late. Why a nearly dead woman should bear all the abuses and responsibilities? Does the zoo should bear some parts of the responsibilities?

         The power of public voice is so powerful that can ruin the life of a person. Before we utter a word we should think a lot. And donít follow the general trend.

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