Real Heroes Are Those Who Can Overcome Their Own Innermost Desires
        The lord of the Rings centers on 20 magical rings found in Middle-Earth. Some of them are for healing.  Others can extend life. But one is more powerful than all the others. It is called the “The One Ring”. It has the ability to make the new wearer invisible when they put it on. The One Ring is a creation of an evil lord who imbued it with his own destructive power, he is Sauron. When Sauron forged the ring he put part of himself in it. If you wear it and claimed it you can’t use it for any good things. It is going to twist everything you do for evil. 
         The One Ring actually has a malevolent sprit, because part of Sauron’s spirit, living inside of it. So this malevolent spirit works on people to change them, to govern them to do some evil things. And the ring acts as an addiction. It sucks in everything good about you. The temptation drives people over the edge. Someone killed his father. Someone betrayed his mission. Someone murdered his friend. And finally, it gave people a harsh lesson. The person who failed in the battle with temptation would be in touble.

          I think, the battle with temptation is a battle with our own innermost desires. It's a real and tough battle.And those who can overcome their innermost desires are real heroes.