Odyssens was a legendary Greek hero. Actually he was the offspring of a god and a mortal, so he had super power like god and unaviodably he had human weakness. But what the most precious talent he got was wisdom. He saved his soliders from the magic of circe. He was the only man who saw Siren and still alive. He pretended to be a beggar and killed the suitors for his wife. From these wo can see that all his achievements beneficted from his wisdom. And in ancient Greek, people thought highly of wisdom, they thought people with wisdom could do anything imposible, even to defeat  gods.
At the same time,he had affairs on his way to home. But he did not forget his wife and finally left his mistresses. However, his wife managed to rejected her suitors. Actually, I can not understand what Odyssens did. I guess at that time mmen and women had different social status. Man could do what he wanted,even betrayedhis wife, but woman had to be under vows of chastity and obedience.