I think the super hero is different between Chinese and the ancient Greece.
For the ancient Greece, hero is like a human-being more. They will have their own family and the emotion of love or hate. These heroes are not always shown as a perfect figure at first; they also have shortcomings, some are even teased by other gods just like Hercules.
Hercules was born with supernatural power, but he is a womanizer, a heavy drinker and uncontrollable hero. He killed his entire family and was asked to overcome 12 tough challenges which also represent the weakness of human being. Because of these sufferings, he will become a real hero at last.
But for Chinese culture, it is totally different, hero is always shown as a god, they donít fall in love with a definite person but the love for the whole of common people. They are always peaceful and holy. They would dare to sacrifice themselves for the people. They are infallible and mysterious like pangu and nvwa.
Although there are so many differences, they still reflect the different culture and civilization of that time.

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