A Hawaiian newspaper has reported that two more sitting Japanese prime ministers visited Pearl Harbor in the past.

    If the report is true, current Prime Minister Shinzo Abe 安倍晋三 will be the fourth sitting Japanese government leader to visit the historical site. The Hawaii Hochi, a local Japanese-language daily, said Thursday that its past reports show then Prime Ministers Ichiro Hatoyama 鸠山一郎 and Nobusuke Kishi 岸信介 visited Pearl Harbor in 1956 and 1957, respectively.

   The Japanese government earlier this month said that Abe will visit Pearl Harbor during his trip to Hawaii from Monday to mourn for the victims of the 1941 Japanese attack there.
The government confirmed that in 1951, then Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida 吉田茂 spent time at the U.S. Pacific Command in the Honolulu harbor. The Hawaii Hochi report followed the move. The government says Abe will be the first sitting Japanese leader to mourn for the war dead at the USS Arizona Memorial 亚利桑那号战舰纪念馆, built above a U.S. warship sunk by the Japanese strike, as the facility was set up in 1962.

The visits by Hatoyama 鸠山 and Kishi are believed to be official ones, as they received ceremonial welcomes, including gun salutes, according to the Hawaii Hochi.

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