From the short movie we know,when Odysseus led his companions home from Troy,he put out Cyclops's eyes,offended Poseidon,so he enjoyed the obstruction of Poseidon,experienced all kinds of hardships.He came over Kyrk,overcame the siren's wonderful singing temptation,went through the occupation of the sea monster,got rid of the detainment of Calypso,finally came back home.Everyone think he was a hero ,but we can't deny he had disadvantages.I think he betrayed his wife Penelope.Odysseus battled for ten years,drifted for ten years,so twenty years passed.Penelope didn't change her loyalty, she  believed his husband could come back.She tried a huge amount of ways to cheated the suitors,gradually she began to despair.She wove her pears,despair and memories in clothes.But she never change her mind.From this,we know exactly that hero also has disadvantages.