The story of Heracles shows that how powerful a man was when he had to fight against nature and gods in order to atone for his crime.

It wasnít Heraclesís bloodline that made him a god in the end of this story, but his power and will. The process he complete the impossible missions was actually a process that he defeated all of the the weaknesses of human nature and became a ideal and perfect god. Every mission he completed has a symbolic meaning at the spiritual level. For example, the Lion of Nemea stands for mankindís animal instinct, Hydra stands for human lust for pleasure which is unkillable and the stable stands for the foul side of human nature.

Just like the song says, what doesnít killed him made him stronger. He was physically strong enough to defeated terrible monsters, and mentally strong enough to choose suicide to end his heroic life. The cremation was his final cleansing for the reason that his soul rised from the ashes and went into heaven, just like a phoenix.,2097407254&fm=23&gp=0.jpg