The most impressive part of the story of Thor is that in the end when he defeated his old enemy, Jormungandr, he died, too. Thatís the first time Iíve heard a god was died after battle with the evil enemy. In fact, not only Thor, but lots of gods in Norse mythology died in the Ragnarok, means the dusk of gods. In the video it means that chaos and order will cancel each other out. And I think it reflects the impact of the harsh environment on the Nordic people. The Ragnarok reflects the dust before the long polar night. After the dust, all the world falls into darkness, even the gods in mythology can not survive. However, after the long night, all things recovery and there is a new round of life. Just like in the mythology, a man and a woman set about creating a new cosmos after the end of the Ragnarok. Iím so impressed by the death and rebirth reflected by the the death of the gods and the continuation of life in the mythology.