The One Ring made by Sauron corrupts man and even though you were the purest person, you could not refuse it. It reminds me the sin which is claimed by Bible that it accompanies us since we are born while it is interpreted by Buddhism that it is existed since our prelife. It seems that we could not shake it off. And The One Ring created by myth maybe is a way of release for peoples crazy desire suppressed by social rules and believes. Maybe it just because we can follow our bottom of our heart to do everything we like and blame it for the ring. Up till now, I could not believe a ring could manipulate people but could stimulate and seduce us to indulge ourselves. So when we have enough money and power suddenly, we can easily lose ourselves just like we gain the ring. In my opinion, maybe we can imagine we always have that ring and weather use it depends on us. We are the leaders of ourselves but not a ring.