Today a lot of people think heroes have superhuman strength, they get the girl, they have superhuman powers, can fly through the air. Itís different conception in the Greek world, a hero is someone who has to suffer. And Herculus is the consummate hero in Greek society. In his myth Hercules confronts a legion of terrifying enemies and endures suffering on a scale no human has ever known.

It's the kind if story people like to hear, because everyone has experienced trouble, and toil and suffering in their lives.They all faced monumental tasks that they don't think they'll be able to complete. And they want to hear a story of someone who's been through such things, but has still gotten through and made it into the end.Herculus can achieve success in the end points to us that there is a kind of always a possibility of success no matter how difficult our life might seem.,2982484023&fm=214&gp=0.jpg

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