Odysseus is not a god with special superpowers. He is a normal man trying to back home and reuniting with his family. He suffered a lot, but he finally made it. The whole story tells us, itís not easy to be a hero.
        To win, sometimes you need to sacrifice something. His 6 crewmembers were the sacrifice. Though itís not Odysseusís fault, but I believe they are destined to die in order not to make other troubles for Odysseus. He also got rid of the goddessí temptation. Itís really a impressive action.
        He keeps a faith to head home from beginning to end, which is the main driving force to make him insist. Family is always the strongest power to make you feel alive. Most of people would feel their life is not important after their parentsí death. They are easily to create an idea ofďItís OK to die, for thereís nothing left for me to be reluctant to leave.Ē Itís Penelope who he love the most make him keep fighting with all the difficulties.
       Not everybody can reach home. Recently a Russian military plane crushed into the Black Sea. They are the people who would never reach home. We should be happy that in this moment weíre alive and enable to reach home. Just value your life and the chance to live with your parents when you still have a home.

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