Odysseus personality
  He is a combination of God and human being and he shows more human qualities. He fighted against Troy for the whole ten years and finally defeated Troy by using Trojan horse trick. From this point, we can see his wisdom and strong fighting spirit.
  He also had his own principle. When Sun God told him be care of the cow, he obeyed the warn unlike his other companions. Thus, he was the only one who survived from death. He wasn't perplexed by Poseidon.
  When he faced to choose the two sailing routes, he chose the dangerous one, which the ocean monster and huge whirlpool would appear. I was shocked by his courage.
Actually, after the war, there was a firm goal in his mind---that's going home. He made a wooden boat by himself so that he could sail back. Due to this point, I can see his strong responsibility to his citizens and his wife.


  While, he also had human's weakness. There were two times that he had an affair with Sexy God and Nymph respectively. He was perplexed by their beauty and charm. This point really showed the typical of man. All in all, I think Odysseus is a figure that is personified most in Ancient Greek myth stories.