The one who is good at telling stories must have an interesting spirit full of splendid imagination. And the one who can not only tell a good story but also have the ability to perfectly creat a world based on his imagination is great.
In the Lord of the Ring , Tolkien uses his extraordinary imagination to creat a Midgard with different heros,  different stories. And clues and unique languages even be created to support his story.We can see that he must be a knowledgable person with an interesting and profound spiritual world.We can see that from the blending of local legend stories and other myths to create his own one.
To make his work greater,his stories do reveal something insightfully:The fight between reason and desires , the fight between evil and righteousness, the cooperation within a group beyond all the discrimination between races, the truth that sometimes you have to achieve success through struggling toil......all of which are perfectly reflected in Frodo's jurney to destroy the evil ring. It is a fiction but does reflect something in our real life.

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