Most people think that deep down the majority of us really are inherently good,I disagree.Civilization helped us uncover the universe.At the beginning of development of civilization,there was a large part of human behavior was dominated by primitive human nature.From these,I don't think human nature is good.I can understand that people at that time couldn't explain the natural phenomena so that they would do something to assure themselves or crave for blessings.But no one should hurt others in the name of supplication.If you do wish for good things,hurting people should never be a part of it.In my mind,one of the cruelest thing was human sacrifice.Everyone has the right to live,not mention that most consecrated people were innocent.Many of them were children.The notch on their bones showed they were cut off after death,and there was other evidence to support the concept that people would eat the human sacrifice as food.Maybe we should feel lucky for we live in the modern society,we don't need to eat our comrades,children.We think it unbelievable to do such things,but it did happen in the past.Why?Because deep down the majority of us really are inherently evil,the education made us accept the good and abandon the bad.