I suppose that's what really struck me about him,this dissonance between what he was experiencing and where he had come from.He was the son of Zeus, who was well-fed and well-clothe, but it became hard to achieve only because the anger and jealousy of his stepmother.He had gone through 12 hurdles, eventually, he became the eternal God. I was moved by his spirit, we should follow his example and that it will lead us to success. We always step back from difficulties, we bypassed them, because it seems like the only way to protect us away from failure. We live in such a nicer surroundings, the only wish our parents have is that we stay health and happiness. In fact, our parents can't support us from the cradle to the grave. On the other hand, we actually begin to realize that easy doesn't come into an adult life, so i suppose the only thing we should do is trying harder.It is only our determination to fight that has pulled us through the difficulties ahead. We're more braver than we thought, we're more stronger than we showed.