The future of the Middle Earth depends on this little creature. In the story of this trilogy Frodo is the most impressive character not because of his heroic movement, but his true personality. As a reflection of our human being, he has been afraid, he has been tempered by the power of the ring, and he has doubt about the possibility of the success. Just because he’s so similar to us, the journey becomes more dangerous and difficult, which makes it easier for this character to move us. I can still remember the narration of the beginning of the story. In a small Hobbits town called Shire, which is just like the unforgettable dream land, a Hobbit boy, Frodo, shiny like the bright sun shine, reading beneath the tree. His clear blue eyes represent the purest soul in the world, which lets me doubt about the truth that there’s no angle in the real world. He’s just an insignificant nobody, he never thinks about the ambitious dream of fighting for the justice and freedom. But he loved his uncle, his friends and his hometown Shire. He packed up and went on the journey for adventure just because he wanted to save Shire, the place he never wants to leave. The first time the story moves me is when the two hobbits stepped out of the wheat field of Shire. Sam stopped and said:” one step further makes the furthest trip away from home”. Until that time had I realized what a great sacrifice they made.