This story has shown us a way to success. Odyssey likes all of us , who likes to spend more time with his family, In his trip , he must keep his kind-hearted, resist some temptations , obey some rules, even at the sacrifice of something precious. In a stone palace surrounding by wolves and lions, where they meet the beautiful sorceress. Circe invited these soldiers into her palace to enjoy a feast, then these soldiers exposed their human sex , they indulge their desire and appetites.  Circe turn these men into pigs. Because Odyssey stay near the coast , stay away from temptations. Itís kind of a success even Odyssey save his men by self=-sacrifice.

The island of the Sirens is a mysterious island, when you are sailing near this island, a beautiful song will lure you to a rocky grave. Odyssey ordered his men to plug their ears with beeís wax. Thought he known that the song is dangerous , he still want to has a try , exception pf his own rule. Despite of he was the only man who has heard the song and still alive, he suffered a huge pain. Sometimes doing whatever is necessary to learn something new is dangerous , but it still worth a try.

Most men canít resist temptations, like a feast when you are hungry , some cattle whose meat are delicious, so they had to been changed into pigs, faces punishment from Zeus.