What impressed me most after seeing those two movies is the heroic image of Odysseus.
There are many precious qualities in this person. Such as the calm when he was stuck in Cyclops' cave, where panic didn't beat him down. He also can stay sober on the island of poppy flowers. It was quite self-disciplined of him to order his sailors to tie him up before meeting Siren. And so brave he was to face the sorceress who turned his men into pigs rather than being scared away.
However, what I admire most is his will. You know, It took him ten years to finish the journey which he could have done just a few months. I can only imagine his desperation. Not to say he even enraged a god. How strong his will to go against a god to achieve his goal! The most agonising ordeal I personally think is when under Aeolus' help, finally the shores of their home island was in his plain sight, then the sailors of Odysseus betrayed our hero and open the magic bag. Thus, the hope of getting home was destroyed in seconds and this foolish action took them nine more years. The most cruel part is this time Odysseus was not hurt by any enemy but betrayed by his brothers fought with him side by side. If it were me in his position, I seriously doubt that I could make through. Still Odysseus didn't give up, not after this ordeal, not after every ordeal.
As the video said, 'He maybe knocked down just as much as all the rest of us, and even harder than all the rest of us, but he always can get back up, he can always find a way'. This is our hero Odysseus, so much he suffered and so many obstacles in his way, still he could keep his initial goal not changed. I think that's what moves me a lot and what I'll look up to.

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