Herakles was the son of God but he didn't gain much care than other kids instead, he suffered a lot.
His mother-in-law hate him so much and always try to kill him. But he was born with magic and he always can steer by his mother-in-law's harm. But his son and wife didn't escape the harm of the bad woman, Herakles was perplexed by his mother-in-law and killed his sons and wife. When he wake up he realized that he did something that can not be forgiven. So he try to do something to expiate. What he can do to save himself was to pass 12 customs pass. All those customs were very difficult, but Herakles past and gained redemption.
In my opinion, the reason why Herakles can accomplish those difficult task was because he own many important qualities. When he realized that he killed his dear sons and wife he didn't lose his head and choose to kill himself or do anything wrong. He knew what he should do and how to ask others for help. When he pass those difficult customs pass he used his strength, his bravery and his intelligence. When he face with problems, he didn't deal with it blindness instead, he thought about it first. I think he owned much good qualities that he can finally accomplish those task and became a famous god.

  And what he did also influence us. When we faced with problem we should think about it first.

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