Thor is an ancient god in European history, acquiring a huge amout of masculine and nerve. But all he has is the hammer which gives him the superpower that can equal Zeus, thunder. It shows how important male authority is. Odysseus is still a hero even though he had an affair with other women, and Zeus can still be the king of god even he falls in love with any woman he meets, while Medusa got punitive result after being raped. All evidence suggest that the shortcomings of a man can easily get forgiveness when he is great.
However, in ancient myths, the masculine has a symble, which means that sometimes one particular thing is of vital importance when it symblize the masculine if a god. For Thor, it's the hammer. He can be extremly weak without it. When the hammer was stolen, he had to put on a wedding dress in order to replace his sister to get married, which is not just a helpless choice but a sign which shows his lack of masculine. The hammer is important not only for Thor but also for common folks. It's worshiped furing crusades, bringing soldiers courage and hope. So in the ancient time, using an object to symbolize a spirit, an character is easy to make people unite.

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