When I watched the video, There was no doubt that Odysseus is a hero.He use his wisdom defeated Troy which is an impregnable castle.But because he infuriated some Gods,his voyage that return home became very difficult.A ten-week voyage but he spent ten years to complete.Ten years is a long way for us,Odysseus was suffering while his heart has a strong belief support him to return home.
However, Odysseus is a hero, but a common man.He can be heroic ,capable of great bravery and courage,but he can also be greedy,flirtatious people.Odysseusís big failing was the adoration of women.He was tempted by the goddess and sorceress Circe and Calypso. However, the writer Homer doesnít condemning Odysseus for his infidelity with Circe.He just saying that boys will be boys. I think that completely embodies the male-dominated society .
Behind every successful man there are always a great woman. Odysseusís wife Penelope stayed loyal to her husband that she waited him for ten years. Penelopeís loyalty in contrast to Odysseusís romance.