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What should a God has?
    In my opinion,a God is supposed to has the responsibility and virtue.The power is not the weapon to make people do everything the Gods want,but is a tool to make a more beautiful life for people.
    In this aspect,itís no doubt that Poseidon is self-fish.

    In my view,the damage what Minotaur made was totally the fault of Poseidon.
    In the myth,the Minotaur was created to punish Minos,the king of Crete,after he tried to outwit the Sea God,Poseidon.Every year it was customary that King Minos sacrifice his most prized bull as an offering to Poseidon.But one year his herd produced a calf so beautiful and perfect that Minos couldnít bear to part with it.He sacrificed a lesser bull in its place.But Poseidon was watching.Any time you try,in Greek mythology,to outsmart a god,youíre going lose.When Poseidon saw this,he was very angry.And then he made Minosís wife lust for the bull.After the birth of the monster Minotaur,Minos used it as a weapon against anyone who dared to challenge his power.During the thousands of years,most of people thought the damage what Minotaur made was the fault of cruel Minos.But they forgot the reason why Minotaur appeared.Itís Minos,not the innocents,that should be punished.Poseidon could use other ways to punish Minos without hurting others.But why Poseidon did so?If he knew it but still did so,in my opinion,he had predicted all the things would happen and  just wanted to make someone a hero.This time the hero was his son.So now you can see,he is self-fish.He created a monster and let his son,Theseus,to kill it and to become a hero.

    Maybe all the self-fish things Poseidon did were just to make the relatives of Gods become heroes.We can find that most of the heroes in the Greek myth are the relatives of Gods. Letís take the story of Perseus for another example.Medusaís beauty was off-limits,locked away in the service to Athena.In a fit of raw lust,Poseidon made his move and ravaged the virgin priestess.He raped her inside of Athenaís Temple.Athene was furious.But in her eyes,it was Medusa who deserved to be punished.Then she changed Medusa to a monster.Finally,Perseus,the son of Zeus,killed Medusa and became a hero.
    As we can infer from the myth,the difference between Gods and human being is only the power.Maybe the Gods like Poseidon reflect the cruel governors in the ancient Greek.However,if I am a writer of the myth,I will regard having virtue and responsibility or not as the biggest difference between Gods and human being.I will choose someone who has this two things to become a God,such as the Gods in Buddhism .Then Iím sure the life of human being will be more and more beautiful.


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