After I knew that Odysseus’ men were turned to pigs, Odysseus was going to save his men. I suppose that he would never be seduced by Circe. But Odysseus’ actions really disappointed me. Even though he had a mythical wonder drug to not be subject to Circe’s powers. However, Odysseus went to Circe’s bedroom and didn’t come out for a whole year. At the same time, his wife has been waiting for him in his hometown.

From this part, it reveals that women were expected to be chaste and loyal. They shouldn’t seek or particular enjoy sexual relationship whereas men could. It is unfair. Men and women should have the same right. If society restricts women to being loyal, men also should. Men shouldn’t pursue pleasure in improper sexual relationship. And like his men, Odysseus also was lured by Circe. Why? His desire. He thought he can overcome the difficulty but he failed. He couldn’t control his desire, especially sexual desire. And he betrayed his wife. For me, it is unacceptable.