Some people hold the opinion that the story is the shadow version of the real world. For they believe that both the 2rd War issue and Environmentalist's claim were reflected in this story. Out of their imagination Sauron is seen as tyrant Hitler and the Ring is actually a Metaphor of the nuclear bomb; In another interesting interpretation ,some people think the ring represents the contemporary Human industrial technology while Sauron is the enemy of the goddess of the Earth. In an explanation from so-called exegete ,Frodo's destiny is We human's exploration  towards the essence of life. and his struggle with the evilness inside the Ring is compared to human being's  struggle with power, which is full of philosophy.
   A British reader put it in a straightforward way: a reader with child mental may see more than a critic in seeing the value of 《The Lord of the rings》.The value of it lies in the fictional world is not the shadow of the real world, but the mirror of the human mind, which was once a patent of children.
   The author himself originally hated all allegorical writing, how could it make sense that we feign so much behind a  story?. As for what lurks in 《the Lord of the rings》 aggregates righteousness or "information", the author may not mean it intentionally. 《The Lord of the Rings》 is a mere  story not a fable irony or current affairs.