Thor is not a simple Raytheon,thunder is just a part of his ability. Thor is the son of the Odin,primarily ,Thor is the god of war and agriculture , responsible for protecting the country's safety and the farming.When he came out,  there will have thunder ,so called he Thor. In addition to the war and agriculture, Thor is related to climate, sometimes he was also called the Zeus in Greek mythology.Mythology shows power of god through the weapon , so Thor's quake means blessing, production, life,appease the dead.His position is even higher than Odin.The Viking era, Odin's status gradually improved, Thor retain the main power,all the other belongs to Odin.
In Greek mythology, Zeus was not a simple Thor, as the king of the gods, Zeus is over the sky, his weapon is the thunder, and he is also the god of light, the god of lightning, the god of law  , the god of justice.
Thor is more than one in China.They are the head of ray,the supreme god. Chinese myth of the Thor is more complex than other myths.