An album of music composed specifically for cats is set to be released by a major record label.

David Teie, a scientist and cellist1 with America's National Symphony Orchestra, has composed five combinations of sounds and classical music to calm even the most distressed2 and troubled animal.

Music For Cats will be released by Universal Music, the first time a major record label has signed a deal for an album not designed for humans, after a Kickstarter campaign garnered3 hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding and independently sold more than 10,000 copies of the record.

Mr Teie, who is allergic4 to cats, told the Press Association: "The sound of suckling milk was a reward-related sound and then I layer in the lower register of human music to make it palatable5 to owners. Hopefully it will appeal to both."

The record was borne out of his scientific theory on how cats appreciate music, considering they establish their sense of music through the sounds they hear as kittens: birds chirping6, suckling for milk, or their mother's purr.

He added: "Not all cats respond, one will go right over to the speaker and one will just walk out of the room. I like the idea that critical taste applies to cats too. But I've been sent videos where cats nuzzle up to the speaker or even curl completely round it. Very excitable cats are completely calmed and formerly7 abused or feral cats tend to respond the best.

"We make the music available for free at shelters, where a lot of our testimonials come from. The time it normally takes to get a formerly feral cat ready to interact with humans is usually measured in days and weeks but the music has helped them in just one day.

"It is communication in the cat's language, of acceptance and understanding and the comfort that goes along with that."