Hades:A “Bossy CEO” in the Underworld


    The story between Hades and his wife Persephone is like a classic idol drama in China.Hades,who robs a woman to marry him,is the “bossy CEO”.


    I would like to talk about this from three aspects.
    The first aspect is about the way he makes Persephone his wife.
    Hades sees a beautiful young woman,Persephone,who he falls in love with,picking flowers in a lush green pasture.In order to make this woman his wife,he drags her down into the underworld directly.


    In addition,for the sake of keeping Persephone staying in the underworld,he offers her a snack of pomegrante which belonging to the underneath and can let the person who eats it become part of the underneath.He is as cool as the CEO in the idol drama.
    Also,Hades is a cold God which is the character what a bossy CEO must has. It’s not difficult to find that he seldom speaks and shows his feelings to others like the CEO in the idol drama usually is.


    Thirdly,Hades is as powerful as a CEO.
    He is to be feared due to his awesome power.He is in charge of the underworld where no one can escape from.What’s more,because he is the oldest among the Gods of the Olympus,he has the strongest power.
    I’m sure if there is an idol drama whose leading man is Hades,it will become the most popular drama in China during that year.

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