A man was found innocent of rape and murder on Friday in Shenyang, more than two decades after his execution at the age of 21.
Nie Shubin, who worked in Shijiazhuang, was sentenced to death in 1995 for the rape and murder of a woman the year before.

  His mother Zhang Huanzhi spent 20 years fighting to clear her son's name. The case first returned to public attention in 2005, when a man named Wang Shujin was detained in Hebei for another rape and murder. Wang confessed to the crimes for which Nie was executed. Nie's case was reopened. But in 2013 the Hebei Provincial High People's Court declared that Wang's confession did not relate to Nie's case and submitted its findings to the Supreme People's Court. One year later, the top court ordered Shandong Provincial High People's Court to investigate the case again. On June 15, the top court said that it had decided to ask the Second Circuit Court to retry the case following a review, as it found the original conviction for rape and homicide was based on insufficient evidence.

  The Second Circuit Court, one of the arms of the Supreme People's Court, announced his acquittal on Friday morning, saying there was insufficient evidence to prove Nie's guilt.